HTTP server & Prometheus client for embedded devices
August 17, 2019
python feather-m4 circuit-python metrics prometheus

prometheus_express is a Prometheus SDK and rudimentary HTTP server for CircuitPython and MicroPython boards that support the socket library. It runs on the Adafruit Feather devices and supports multiple networking Featherwings.

The official Prometheus client for Python may work on CircuitPython as well and offers far more complete features, including support for the push gateway.


prometheus_express was a successful experiment, but is not actively maintained. The code should still work, but could almost certainly be improved. Writing your own HTTP server is risky business.


This library should work with any available socket device, and has been tested with the Wiznet5500 and LAN8720 drivers.

It may also work with the other network FeatherWings:

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HTTP server and Prometheus client for embedded hardware
August 17, 2019
python feather-m4 metrics monitoring prometheus